In Mi Pequeña Familia, children receive attention and care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Like any family child, our children are provided with footwear and clothing. They receive their 3 daily meals with snacks. They attend school and various extracurricular activities. They constantly receive protection, guidance and support from a family. We feel that living as a Small Family is one of the main characteristics of our home.




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In Mi Pequeña Familia we want to foster in the child the desire for a correct realization and assimilation of learning, driving him to his own autonomy and integration into society in a critical and creative way. That is why our children attend various educational establishments of a private and public nature. They are given every opportunity as any family child to attend school from the preschool level to college. Providing scholarships in private colleges and universities. Our children receive support from special education teachers who accompany them in their studies to give them adequate regularization that allows them to achieve a better level of education.

In Mi Pequeña Familia we conduct a medical study to the minor in order to determine their physical condition and take the necessary measures to ensure adequate growth. They are provided with 24-hour medical care, if necessary. Children receive adequate food according to their stage of development that allows them to have a healthy physical and mental growth.

We seek that the child achieves changes in his different levels of cognitive and behavioral functioning to make him capable of taking care of his own life and have a healthy and positive development by helping him with the internal factors of his personality - feelings and values. For this we have the support of psychologists who accompany children in their therapies.



In Mi Pequeña Familia we help the child to detect his greatest abilities and strengths through motivation in sports, workshops and music so that he himself discovers what he is capable of doing.

We encourage our children to do their best by means of walks and recreational activities such as: camps, retreats, sports competitions, missions and others in order to complement their integral education.



In Mi Pequeña Familia we seek to give quality of life to our children, being a non-profit Civil Association our main source of obtaining resources is through donations from individuals and companies, as well as various events for the benefit of the institution such as: breakfasts, meals, races, rounds, monthly scholarships, tournaments, etc.

Another means of fundraising are projects from national and foreign foundations. For this reason our staff receives training in the area of fundraising and projection of the institution in order to add the necessary support to give the best to our children.

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