Who are we?


In Mexico 6 in 10 children live in poor conditions. Jalisco is one of the top 10 federal entities with the highest child abuse index. There is an overpopulation in orphanages in Jalisco, therefore, institutions are obligated to attend primarily in quantity. 


That is where the idea of providing personalized attention in a greater quality began. Forming a small family to a child in need, while providing values and basics for further development - that is our goal. 


We are a non-profit organization with the obligation to protect the rights of male children who experience abandonment, abuse and live on the street. During their stay, minors receive educational, and formal assistance with the goal of integrating them into the society, providing protection and security.


We receive only boys from 3-13 years old who lack family stability. During their stay, minors receive 24/7 medical care, psychological therapy, schooling, food, clothing, extracurricular activities, trips and overall support with the goal of integrating them into a family circle or preparing for independent life.